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Five Advantages Of Products

  • Non-woven
  • This disposable coverall is made of laminated spun bond non-woven fabric. For single use, it is forbidden to reuse.
  • Lightweight one-piece coverall suit with hood, full body, long zipper closure, elastic wrist. It can effectively isolate splashing of oral foam in work and other surrounding environment.
  • A must for hospital staff. Before entering a dangerous environment with bacterial and viral infections, you must wear a full body one-piece hooded isolation suit.
  • Application: The isolation suit provides medical protection, special experiment, food workshop, disinfection and radiation protection, etc.

Product Details

Made with a microporous, breathable laminate material and has a hood for head protection

Design: the coat has elastic hood, elastic pants mouth, waist and cuffs, and zipper closure. The romper is loose, white for unisex.

Feature:Lightweight, breathable material helps keep workers cool and comfortable,This disposable coverall provides protection from both dry and liquid particles.

Application: the jumpsuit is for general isolation in outpatient, ward, laboratory, and medical institutions.

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