About Us

MMSEARCH, formerly Hong Kong amino trading co., LTD was founded in 2012.

Founded by international marketing consultant Crystal dong and businessman wang jun. We are engaged in export trade in China. cooperate with thousands of manufacturing companies to provide professional purchasing solutions for international buyers. We provid professional purchasing solutions for buyers from more than 100 countries. With China opening up to the outside world in manufacturing, distribution and retail, global consumer power is growing more and more. Looking ahead, MMSEARCH sees China not only as a sourcing hub, but also as a place to help foreign companies expand into the vast Chinese consumer market.

MMSEARCH covers three business areas: export trade, distribution and retail. Industries covered: medical protection, home life, personal care and other categories.

MMSEARCH utilizes supply chain management to effectively reduce costs for purchasers in purchasing, inventory, transportation and other links. It enables the buyer to do more business with fewer resources.

MMSEARCH focuses on the needs of it's customers and provides effective product supply to achieve the goal of "providing suitable, timely and affordable products to its consumers all over the world". We retail through personal websites, amazon and other platforms.

Cultural concept:

The spirit of MMSEARCH:

Having a proactive, continuous understanding and striving for our customers and their progress; Action oriented, making quick decisions about the needs of customers, suppliers and employees.

Ultimate goal of MMSEARCH:

Establish a global team in all aspects of product purchase, sales and circulation to provide diversified services, improve the effective cooperation of MMSEARCH members and achieve the goal.